Let's Go

Building Knapsack Health App, I envisioned the following key factors.  1- Interoperabilit y was coming to the world of Electronic Health Records(EHRs).  2-Patients missing the capabilities that will give them the power and ability to store their medical histories, records and documents in a safe,  HIPAA  compliant portable application.  Interoperability, in a nutshell, means that all healthcare organizations have to share patient data.  While there are some of the big EHRs fighting this (more on EPIC  to come) you can't beat City Hall aka the Federal Government.  By 2024, Interoperability will connect all systems throughout the US.  This is exactly what I asked my CTO, "If you knew a highway was being built, how it was being built and what the rules were to travel on it, what kind of car would you build?" .  I wanted to build a car that could pick up all of my records, regardless of what city, state, EHR or practice I visited.  I wanted to control my information a