Let's Go

Building Knapsack Health App, I envisioned the following key factors. 

1-Interoperability was coming to the world of Electronic Health Records(EHRs). 

2-Patients missing the capabilities that will give them the power and ability to store their medical histories, records and documents in a safe, HIPAA compliant portable application. 

Interoperability, in a nutshell, means that all healthcare organizations have to share patient data.  While there are some of the big EHRs fighting this (more on EPIC to come) you can't beat City Hall aka the Federal Government.  By 2024, Interoperability will connect all systems throughout the US. 

This is exactly what I asked my CTO, "If you knew a highway was being built, how it was being built and what the rules were to travel on it, what kind of car would you build?".  I wanted to build a car that could pick up all of my records, regardless of what city, state, EHR or practice I visited.  I wanted to control my information and I wanted to share it with whom I chose to share it with.  Lastly, I wanted an application that gave me the ability to track not only my children's health histories but also my parents health information, records, legal documents, etc. 

We built Knapsack Health version 1.0 not only with a vision for the 2024 Deadline and Roadmap in mind, but we built something that every single person, family unit and caretaker can utilize today....for free.  The public deserves a say in their health journey.  They deserve the ability to manage their health histories and Empowered Patient Healthcare is here to stay. 

I have been in the Healthcare IT industry for the last 15 years.  I started as a  IT Clinical Trainer teaching the Pharmacy and Oncology departments how to use their new EHR (EPIC).    With the HITECH ACT I was able to build a career planning and leading EHR implementations throughout the US.   Knapsack version 1.0 was built based off of my experience from the implementations and with the knowledge of knowing where the Empowered Patient Marketplace was headed. 

I brought in the right team and we are now getting ready to build version 2.0 with next generation technology connected via a Near Field Communication tool that connects users to their doctors, lawyers, youth groups, advocacy groups, whichever organization that wishes to connect to their patients or customers.

I'm starting this blog to share my journey with you all as the CEO of Knapsack.  Hopefully you like the car we are building for the new highway.  😎